Bob Bowman, MLB Advanced Media CEO, announced the cancellation of 60 to 65 million ballots for the upcoming All-Star Game on Thursday. It also seems that the chances are very slim for Omar Infante to suit up for the American League.

Suspicions raised when a total of eight Kansas City players where in line to start for the American League bringing the it to its final decision. It seems that Royal fans and other fans looking to create chaos utilized the online voting system with there poor hacking skills earlier this week. Although 60 million votes sounds huge for the 300-some million ballots collected so far, Bowman insisted that the 20 percent cut was on par with results from previous seasons.

Jeff Luhnow Astro’s, general manager, who doesn’t know how to create a secure password, is the last one to find out  about the Cardinal’s hacking scandal.

• One hit shy of his 3,ooo career mark is Alex Rodriguez.

• Due to his extraordinary velocity and control, Arquimedes Caminero, Pirates reliever, holds the 60 highest WAR among National League. Now, the question is can he sustain the skills that earned him the title of ” laser cannon”

• Rick Hahn, White Sox general manager, won’t be making any radical moves before the trade deadline although is taking into consideration a front office restructure.

• On Thursday, Pablo Sandoval was benched following Instagram during Wednesday’s 5-2 loss to the braves. One thing is sure the social media etiquette is the least of the Red Sox’s problem.

Robert Alvarado, Angels’ vice president of marketing and ticket sales resigned his 15 year post after leaking some ticketing strategies. Mr. Alvarado was revealing some inside scoop on how the front office plays favorites with their fan base.

Sonny Gray and Justin Upton seem to be ready to welcome an openly gay team member.

Carlos Correa is the second youngest player within the last 100 years to stole three bases during Thursday’s 8-4 win against Rockies.


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