Jamie Sangouthai – Lamar Odom‘s closest companion – did not kick the bucket from an OD, but rather it was medication related … a substance eating malady brought about by filthy needles.

The definite terms are necrotizing fasciitis – bacterial skin contamination – and perpetual intravenous narcotism – IV medication misuse … as per the L.A. Region Coroner.

The Coroner says Sangouthai went to the doctor’s facility for the contaminated arm, yet the sickness spreads rapidly and frequently gets to be life-undermining.

The infection, necrotizing fasciitis, is a bacterial skin contamination that can be brought on by utilizing messy needles with IV medication misuse. The coroner reports that the sickness can spread rapidly and regularly gets to be life debilitating.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, Kloe Kardashian, has definitely battled with the misfortune — as she additionally lost companion and rapper, Chinx back in May.

On Tuesday the starlet took to Instagram to partake a touching message to her fan.

Sangouthai – who showed up with Lamar and Khloe Kardashian on their world show – kicked the bucket Sunday at a clinic in Los Angeles. He was 37 years of age.


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