Clinton Portis says he didn’t blow his whole NFL fortune – despite the fact that he owes more than $1 million to banks – guaranteeing his cash issues stem from a terrible business bargain yet regardless he claims he’s doing just fine. ·

The IRS asserting he owes about $500,000 in back charges.

·MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas winning default judgment in the measure of $287,178.56.

·A car dealer looking for $157,290 in installments on an Audi S5.

·Foreclosure procedures on a $512,000 contract for a Miami townhouse.

·Settlement to evade conceivable abandonment on a property in Coffee County, Ala.

·A $20,000 claim from a condominium association over appraisal money.

To make a long story short … Portis says’ he’s managing the budgetary aftermath from an awful speculation bargain in 2008 … where he sank a huge amount of money into a casino that at last went bankrupt.

Portis – alongside a few other previous NFL players – later sued a budgetary consultant who supposedly tricked them into investments.

Still undergoing since 2011, 2012 … we just gotta go thru the court process,” Portis lets us know. “There’s nothing else I can do. My legal advisors are right now managing this.”

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