The pairings have been set, the course has been investigated and the greatest stars in golf have all plummeted upon University Place, Washington, in readiness for the 2015 U.S. Open.

The current year’s competition at Chambers Bay, which keeps running from June 18-21, is turning out to be an unquestionable requirement watch. The course represents an exceptional and new test, however the 20-something hotshots look ready to proceed with their takeover of the amusement, and the veterans are still out there swinging.

Prior to the competition gets in progress Thursday, investigate the spur of the moment storylines, chances, picks and forecasts. At that point clear your timetable and get prepared for the dramatization to develop.

The U.S. Open is regularly alluded to the “hardest test in golf.” The objective of the USGA is attempt and produce a champion that completes four rounds at even-standard. It differs from year to year and course to course, however this is ordinarily the hardest competition for scoring all season. Misses are all around and birdies are few and far between. That is a sensational takeoff from alternate majors, which regularly let course and conditions manage the sort of title it will be and have no issue delegated a champion that completed twofold digit under-standard.

Some incline toward the birdies and huge leaderboard charges of the PGA Championship, while others like to watch the best on the planet get rebuffed on a percentage of the USA’s most grand and notable venues. We regularly realize what we’re getting at a U.S. Open, however this year is diverse.


The immense obscure and genius of the U.S. Open for the greater part of the week will be Chambers Bay. The course and how the USGA sets it up is dependably a noteworthy storyline at the Open, yet this is the first run through a noteworthy genius occasion has ever been held at Chambers Bay. It’s a totally remarkable venue to this title and in a piece of the nation that never has professional golf competitions. Indeed, even after numerous practice adjusts, the players have said regardless they don’t generally comprehend what’s in store. It could create a champ that is five-over standard or one that is five-under.

Chambers Bay most nearly takes after an European connections style venue, however even there the examination is not totally spot on. There are no trees on the course, a major change from the commonplace U.S. Open parklands courses scattered all through the eastern U.S. The grass is all fescue and this week, its running hard as concrete. The rise changes are great, which is unique in relation to most connections style courses. Also, the greens incline, rise, and dunk in probably the most great ways these geniuses will ever see.

There are such a variety of peculiarities about Chambers Bay that make it the early star of the U.S. Open. Standard on a particular gap can change from everyday, and we will see a standard 4 18th turn into a standard 5 for the following round. The tee boxes can be moved so drastically that the USGA makes an altogether distinctive opening. The 15th is recorded at 123 yards, additionally 246 yards. The players have said they arranged for in regards to a 25-opening course this week – a few openings even have numerous pages on the standard 18-page yardage mapping book they jot all over amid practice.

Here’s a decent summation of the various characteristics that could make this course wild. Also, here’s a contention for why, regardless of its totally diverse look, Chambers Bay is the ideal U.S. Open course.


This is not the Masters, where the stuffy green coats get anxious when the field size methodologies 100 players. The U.S. Open is only that – its interested in any individual who is sufficient to play their way down to a 1.4 impediment file, has a little section expense, and can explore the qualifying procedure.

There are 156 aggregate players in the field – about half are the consistent Tour professionals and popular confronts who earned exclusions in view of their prosperity or world positioning, and the other half are these players who needed to crush it out through various qualifying stages in the course of recent months. More than 10,000 individuals generally attempt to qualify, so the chances of playing your way into the field in case you’re some weekend programmer are thin and none.

The span of the field can exhibit a logistical test in a few spots. The initial two rounds include 52 gatherings of three going off part tees for sun-up to sun-down golf. A spot of severe climate can push the calendar off by two or three days. That ought not be an issue this week – the zone climate should be immaculate, its the season of year with the longest days, and in a spot in the nation where the sun stays up until 10 p.m.

Here’s a gander at the field and how the USGA shapes it.

Tee Times

The U.S. Open is dependably an entire day walk and this year, tee times keep running from 7 a.m. nearby until after 3 p.m. toward the evening. With the time change, that implies they will be playing golf past 11 p.m. back in the eastern U.S. It’s cool to get golf in primetime, and a West Coast U.S. Open is normally the uncommon open door for it.

On Thursday, Tiger Woods will be in the prime time spotlight while Phil Mickelson and Rory McIlroy will be out in the morning wave.

By Alain Montes

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